We've added a new customization option to the Sauce Product Page Gallery widget. In addition to Grid and Stack design options you can now opt for the Carousel.

The Carousel is fully customisable:

  • Autoplay

  • Slider delay timer

  • Display up to 50 images

  • Auto optimise by the most recent posts, the most engaging or the most likely to sell

  • Edit design options to match the style of your website

  • Changes are automatically applied

  • No need to re-install the code

If you are not already using Product Page Galleries in your shop...

  • Product Page Galleries contribute to a +18% uplift in sales via product pages

  • Customers are better able to 'feel' the look of the product

  • Tagging UGC and Influencer posts help boost consumer confidence via social proof at the point of sale

Don't miss out!

Add the CAROUSEL to your Product page

Need help installing your Product Page Galleries?
Reach out to us and we'd be happy to help. All inquiries are welcome!

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