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NEW shoppable style! Mosaic gallery is live
NEW shoppable style! Mosaic gallery is live
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If you love design as much as we do you’ll be excited to know that the busy bees at Sauce have been working away on adding a new gallery option for the Sauce's embeds.

Let me introduce you to the MOSAIC gallery:

Organised by recency, left to right, the MOSAIC is a fully customizable gallery that can be added anywhere on your site. An example featuring @nakedwolfe above.

Show customers your shoppable social content and UGC on your Homepage, Insta Shop page, and in the Product Page Galleries.

The new Mosaic template can work very well to enrich your Product Page Galleries for brands with UGC content and more than 7 images tagged per product. Featuring @willandbear's Product Page Galleries below.

Getting started with Mosaic

In your Sauce dashboard click on Shoppable Gallery.
If you already have a custom gallery, choose the design that best fits your brand, and voila no need to install any new code. In addition to Mosaic, Grid, Stack, and Carousel are alternative style options to choose from.

Mosaic style is available for these embed options: Shoppable galleries, Product Page Galleries, and in Live Feed galleries. If you are using a different style gallery (e.g. Grid) play with the design style and preview it in your back office. Copy the new code and embed it anywhere on your website when you're done.

Reach out if you have any questions or need help with your Sauce galleries.

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