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An item with a single hotspot, can be configured to bypass the modal and link directly to the hotspot URL destination. Find out how.

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When adding an item to your Sauce feed, you have the option to add one or more hotspots - each of which can link to a URL of your choice. By default, when clicking on an item in your feed, a modal is opened displaying the media of the item, and details on each hotspot added. This looks as follows:

But you may not want the modal...

If you have only one hotspot added for an item, you may want to have the item in the feed directly link to the hotspot destination - skipping the extra step of the modal. Maybe you want a more direct experience, perhaps your website is not structured in a manner that has us able to retrieve data for the hotspot (such as price or image), or maybe the modal does not fit in with your aesthetics or branding. Fear not, let's look at what can be done...

If you have an item with a single hotspot - then you have the option to disable hotspots for the item. Upon doing so, and clicking on 'Save' changes - the item will now immediately take the user to the hotspot destination in a new tab when it is clicked in your profile feed or embeds, instead of opening the modal. 

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