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Generating a WooCommerce System Report
Generating a WooCommerce System Report

Having trouble connecting your Sauce account to your WooCommerce store? Help us help you by sending us a system report

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With WooCommerce and Wordpress, the many different permutations of versions can make it difficult to replicate issues and work towards a solution. When writing to us with a WooCommerce-specific issue, please do include a system report with your support request and it'll help us to get you rolling πŸ‘Β 

(do note that if you are unable to connect to your WooCommerce store, this does not prevent you adding links to your hotspots - you'll simply need to copy and paste the product URL into your hotspots manually. The end result is the same)

Generating your System report

1) From the back-office of your Wordpress account, click 'Status' under the 'WooCommerce' sub-section of the left-hand menu:

2) From the Status page, click the 'Get System Report' button:

3) Click the 'Copy for support' button to copy the system details of your Wordpress/Woocommerce installation, and please then paste it to us via the in-app messenger where will use this information to help diagnose the problem you may be having:

Any questions? You know where to find us πŸ‘Β 

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