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How to Set Up Hero Video on Your Store's Homepage
How to Set Up Hero Video on Your Store's Homepage

Learn to set up a Hero Video: Add videos to library, group with hashtags, edit & customise in editor, then add to homepage for engagement.

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Enhancing your online store with a Hero Video can significantly increase engagement and captivate your visitors the moment they land on your site. Whether showcasing products, sharing customer experiences, or highlighting brand stories, a Hero Video can be a powerful tool. Here’s a straightforward guide on how to set up a Hero Video on your store’s homepage.

1. Adding Videos to Your Media Library

Firstly, gather the videos you wish to feature in your Hero Video set. These could be videos from your Instagram feed, TikTok clips, user-generated content (UGC), or any videos you've uploaded. Make sure these videos are added to your media library for easy access during the setup process.

Use the Add Media button to choose where to add your media from:

2. Grouping Videos with Hashtags

To efficiently organise the videos for your Hero Video set, group them using hashtags. Assign a unique hashtag to all the videos you intend to include in the Hero Video. This makes it simpler to identify and select them in the hashtag filters later on.

Pro tip:
Use the batch hashtag editor to add a hashtag to many posts at once, instead of one by one.

Check the box at the top left of each media to select multiple posts, then click the "Add Hashtag" button to tag them all at once.

3. Utilising the Hero Video Editor

Open the Hero Video editor to begin curating your video set. Use the 'Sort Positions' button to arrange the videos in your desired order. Ensure the cover video is positioned as required, with the remaining videos correctly sequenced. This step is crucial for achieving the visual impact you’re aiming for.

4. Customising Your Hero Video

Tailor the appearance of your Hero Video to match your brand’s aesthetic. You have multiple customisation options at your disposal, including adjusting backdrop colours, border colours, carousel layouts, video filters, play button colours etc.. Experiment with these settings to achieve the look that best represents your brand.

You can preview what your hero video looks like in your backoffice by clicking on the floating video cover:

5. Adding the Hero Video to Your Homepage

For stores using Shopify Themes 2.0, you can easily add your Hero Video by using the 'Hero Video Block'.

If your site operates on a different platform or you prefer a more manual approach, use the embed code provided and insert it into an HTML embed block on your homepage. This ensures your Hero Video is prominently displayed to visitors as soon as they arrive at your store.

6. Completion

Once you've followed these steps, your Hero Video should be successfully integrated into your homepage. This visually engaging feature is now ready to capture the attention of your visitors, providing them with an immersive introduction to your brand.

Setting up a Hero Video sequence on your store’s homepage is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance the visual appeal, product discoverability and engagement of your site. By carefully selecting and arranging your videos, customising the display to fit your brand, and correctly embedding the feature on your homepage, you'll create an inviting and memorable first impression for your visitors.

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