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5 Best Aspect Ratios for Picture-Perfect Social Shopping Galleries
5 Best Aspect Ratios for Picture-Perfect Social Shopping Galleries

Get your social galleries looking picture-perfect! Stick to our recommended sizes for optimal results. No stretching, please! πŸ˜„

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Let's face it, we've all seen social shopping galleries that look like they're having a "bad hair day" β€” images too wide that they need their own postcode or too tall they could scrape the sky! To keep your gallery from going into these extreme dimensions, it's crucial to pick the right image and video formats. Our guidelines below are the screen space-saving heroes you've been waiting for. They'll make sure your content looks drop-dead gorgeous on both desktop and mobile devices.

Recommended Formats

  • Portrait: 4:6, 6:7 or 6:7.5 (width:height)

    • Examples:

    • Ideal for: Vertical content like product photos or portrait shots.

  • Square: 1:1

    • Example:

    • Ideal for: Universal compatibility, as it fits well on all screens.

  • Reel or Stories: 9:16

    • Example:

    • Ideal for: Full-screen mobile experiences like Instagram stories or video reels.

These formats provide a balanced use of screen space, making your social galleries more accessible and visually appealing to your audience.

Important Notes on Resizing: No Stretching Allowed!

Listen, stretching might be good for yoga, but it's a big no-no for your images and videos. Crop them wisely using the aspect ratios we've recommended.

And let's talk resolution β€” think of 1080 px in width as your baseline for fabulousness. Anything less and you're just selling your stunning visuals short.

Stick to these tips and your social galleries will not just be eye candy, they'll be feasting experiences for the eyes!

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