After you have added your Sauce gallery or feed embed code into your website, Sauce tracks the number of events, allowing you to gain insight into your customer's journey.

Sauce automatically records how many Impressions, Views, and Clicks you get within your shoppable feeds on your shop.

This guide focuses on the Impressions report.

In Sauce, an impression is when a content unit (i.e. your SAUCE profile page, Shoppable gallery, Picture Card, Product Page Gallery, and so on) is loaded.

Headline summary

  1. This is a graph of the number of impressions across all your content units over the last 30 days. The graph is a visualization of your recent traffic trends. It makes it easy to spot whether you are getting more traffic on specific days which could relate to specific posts or campaigns or if there has been an overall increase in impressions since the shoppable gallery was installed.

    In this example, we can identify days where there is higher engagement than others. This insight would give you an idea of how your audience engages with content over a certain period.

  2. Impressions - The number of impressions during this time period (30 days)

  3. Views - The number of individual items that have been loaded. e.g. the image has been expanded within the shoppable gallery.

  4. Clicks - The number of times a customer has clicked on a call to action. e.g. the buy now button. 

Detailed breakdown charts

The headline summary figures are broken down further based on the individual active content units you are using.

These charts offer insights into how your content units are performing. It is easy to see where most of your impressions and views took place and the accompanying mini graphs provide visual indicators on how those impressions change day to day.

Daily summary reports

This table breaks things down even further by summarizing the details into daily totals. Each row shows:

  • Date: The reporting day

  • Impressions: total number of impressions for that day

  • Views: total number of views for that day

  • View CTR: The percentage of clicks that resulted from the views. Click Through Ratio (CTR)

  • Viewed media: All the images viewed on that day
    Tip: Hover over the individual image to see the total number of Views for that image

  • Clicked media: All images where the call to action (Buy) button  was clicked
    Tip: Hover over the individual image to see the total number of Clicks for that image

This gives insight into the types of posts that your customers are engaging with the most, it can point you in the right direction to continue increasing engagement. 

At the bottom, there is a display of all of the images that have been viewed and clicked on by your customers. 

Again, this continues with the insights you can gather about how your audience engages with your social media. 

With this visibility you can start answering questions like - 

  • What do customers click on more? Images including people or just the product?

  • Are there certain filters/lighting/layout which makes customers click more?

  • Do certain products perform better than others in terms of clickthrough? 

  • Are the top viewed images the same as the top converting images? 

Take a look at this guide for more information on the Conversion Analysis. 

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